About Us

Handmade Nottingham is an independently owned and run store that proudly champions UK designer makers

Our vision and values here at Handmade Nottingham

Our aim is to spread joy and brighten up your day with beautiful products made by lovely people. We want to be a little ray of sunshine in your day and love nothing more than hearing our customers have a giggle, ooh or awww while browsing the shop. Gifts can be a great way to let someone know you care and we love to be able to help you spread joy.

Everyone is welcome!

No matter your race, age, gender or sexuality we believe people should be free to be who they are. As long as you're not doing any harm, you do you!

We are proud to only work with UK independent designer makers bringing you gorgeous design led products. We are also completely self funded. It has been a slow journey and it's not been easy working on a budget but it's so exciting to see where we are now! This means your money goes direct to the people that make and curate your products.

It's important to us to keep things local and help other small businesses grow. This has benefits on the environment and helping to reduce our carbon footprint. It also keeps your money local and going direct to the amazing people that work so hard to create beautiful things.

We strongly believe that it's better to work together than against each other. We are stronger together and need to continue to raise each other up.

Your community is yours! Where you choose to spend your money shapes your local community. We love Nottingham and are proud to be part of the indie scene here and want it to thrive so we will always be shouting from the rooftops about all the awesome small businesses out there.

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