Nottingham Left Lion Tote Bag
Nottingham Left Lion Tote Bag

Nottingham Left Lion Tote Bag

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Nottingham Left lion tote bag features the phrase 'Meet me by the left lion' and an image of one of the iconic stone lions that sits outside the Nottingham council house.

Created by Joseph Else, the 2 tonnes (2.0 t) art-deco lions stand guard on either side of the entrance steps. They are similar in design to the lions used to publicise the Wembley British Empire Exhibition in 1924–25. There are alternative names attached to them: some people call them “Menelaus and Agamemnon”, others “Leo and Oscar”.

Whatever their names, arranging to meet “at The Lions” has become a notable part of Nottingham life since the building opened.

The perfect bag to keep handy for when you go shopping as shops are now charging for carrier bags a reusable tote is ideal.

100% cotton, screen printed tote bag with 'over the shoulder' straps

Available in Navy or Charcoal

41.5cm tall and 37cm wide
Straps measure 30cm from the top of the bag

Designed and printed in Nottingham.

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