Sweary Pencil Set
Sweary Pencil Set
Sweary Pencil Set

Sweary Pencil Set

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Sweary Graphite Pencil Set


6 x 2B graphite, round barrel, sharpened pencils

An awesome 100% cardboard case to display the profanity

An inspirational quote on the reverse about swearing from Coleman Young which says "Swearing is an art form. You can express yourself much more exactly, much more succinctly with properly used curse words."

6 phrases to delight and disgust 

Know any assfaces or twattington arsecandles? Have a colleague or loved one who adores profanity? Want to stop people nicking your pencils? The Sweary Pencil Set is the answer to this and many more questions you never thought to ask

Designed by The Curious Pancake

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